So I’m not saying I don’t believe in a higher power, I do. I just don’t believe in what the Bible tells us. I think that there must have been some power that created the big bang. Maybe we’re all just a big science experiment. After all we have people out there trying to replicate it. You can’t just create something from nothing. So maybe someone did what we’re trying to do now. If we succeed, maybe we’ll create a whole new universe from it. I fully believe in science, but I also believe that something created our universe. Whether it is this God everyone seems to think it is I’m not sure.

As for Heaven and Hell, I I feel we will never TRULY know if it exists until we die. Only then will we know what happens at the end of our lives. That used to be a big reason why I wanted to die. I wanted to know so badly what the truth was. But I have since realized that I haven’t learned what i can about life yet. Before you can learn about death, you must learn about life. It’s like math. Before you can learn what 2×2 is you must first learn 2+2. That’s just a very simple example though.

These are just my personal beliefs, I do not wish to impose them upon anyone. I simply want to get them out into the world. I don’t want to try and change people’s minds about religion. Religion can be a good thing. It gives people who feel they have no purpose, a purpose. It xan inspire people to do great things. Though some do terrible things from this knowledge, they are doing what they believe is right.

How can we really know right from wrong? We are taught what is right and what is wrong. We learn to believe what we are taught. The suicide bombers are taught that they will go to Heaven with some odd number of virgins waiting for them. They know that others believe what they are doing is wrong, but they believe it is right. Hitler, my favorite example, believed he was doing the right thing for the world. He believed that the only way the world could survive was with his Utopian society. He believed he was right. The rest of the world believed he was wrong. So we are taught, and learn what is right from wrong. But in the end I feel it comes down to one’s own morals.

Morals are an interesting thing. They are different from person to person. Some morals are learned from outside sources like your parents, others you develop on your own. My biggest moral dilemma, if you can call it that, is whether or not smoking weed is good. I’m still not sure. However, as mentioned in another post, maybe it is like medication. You should only take a certain amount to treat whatever it is you are treating, but some people have side effects. Like paranoia and anxiety. I have those side effects, so I should find a different form of medication. Which of course, I am already taking.

Wow, my posts really seem to jump from topic to topic…. Oh well. I am going to the doctor to change my ADHD meds. Hopefully that will help.

I would like to thank all 7 of my followers for taking an interest in what I consider my mindless rambling. The aim at the beginning of this post was NOT to offend, simply get my ideas out there. I fully respect your beliefs and do not mean to impose mine upon you.

A Higher Power