Can of Worms

So I’m dinking around on Facebook and decide to open my “Other” folder in messages. I notice messages that I saw previously from a psycho ex who is still in love with me. That’s whatever…. But then… I open my can of worms. I open the messages from “Tommi Love”. When they were sent to me about a year ago, I knew who it was. I just ignored them… Never really read them. But I just did…. And it is bringing up emotions I have almost been successful in ridding my mind of. That paranoia. That feeling of being followed.

One message says:¬†Hey mama I will find a way to talk to you …….

Holy shit. Seriously. That is my worst nightmare….

Then another one that scared me: I have your boots and coats , something’s that I have put away I didn’t throw away or set fire to ….

That one is worse because I set fire to all the stuff of his that I had. What the hell did I do? What do I do???

It’s like a train wreck. I can’t stop looking at the messages.