So, seeing as I haven’t written in a while, I figure I should update all of you ignoring my posts on what is going on in my life.

So, Shelby and I made up and are friends now. Thanks to Mo for the help. She joined Mary Kay a little while ago after I brought her to a facial that my old school mate wanted me to do. Well…. Now she has talked me into joining. My hopes for this is it will help me to find the motivation within myself to do the things I want in life and also help me learn how to budget and save money. We’ll see how that turns out in a month or so. I’m still waiting to get my starter kit for it.

Uhhh….. Oh! Yeah! I’m 21 now!!!! W00T!!!! 😀 Also Sarah is now 22. Her birthday was quite the adventure for me. After dropping her at her friend’s house downtown, her roommates and I took a taxi to pick up their car. Well, none of them were from the area and I’m not very familiar with downtown, so they didn’t remember where they parked. So the taxi dropped us off….. Somewhere. And from there we started our 1 to 2 hour walk around a very sketchy area of downtown at 3AM to find the car. I think we almost got jumped/mugged about 2 or 3 times. 2 hours and one anxiety attack later, I gave up and called my dad. At 4AM. He wasn’t too thrilled but he said he’d rather me call than wander downtown in the middle of the night. So… Good call. When he came to get us, he helped the guys find their car (We were going in the wrong direction, homeless people lie when giving directions). Once we finally located the lot they were parked in, I pointed out a “Jesus Saves” sign that we had passed earlier that night one street over from where they had parked. We had been so close there….

So I know have a very painful blister on the bottom of my foot from the speed walking around while trying to keep up with the guys. It has been 8 days since then and the blister still hurts if I walk too much. That makes work very painful.

Ah! Yes! I think the last time I posted I didn’t have a job. I got a sales floor job at Target at the end of September. So that’s cool. I’m really liking it so far. It’s not easy, but I like the people I work with and the overall environment there.

I quit smoking around the same time I got the job. So I haven’t had a cigarette in about a month and a half, and haven’t smoked weed in longer. I no longer smoke anything including hookah.

I am single and fine with it right now.

So there you have it. A brief update of my life right now.

For those of you who made it this far, thanks for reading my diary you creepy effers.