Hi, My name is Lizz….

And I have a Facebook games addiction.

Group: “Hi Lizz”.

Yeah…. I play facebook games waaaay too much. And similar games on my phone. It’s so bad that I actually spend real money on them…. I don’t have the kind of money to be doing that. I need to be saving money. I spend way to recklessly. 

So, I suppose instead of saying I have a game problem, I have a spending problem.

Is there an actual group that I can go to that will help me with this?? Like… An SA? (Shopaholics Anon).

Ugh. I beat myself up so much over money and yet I can’t stop spending it.

I take that back. I can stop. I need to stick to my budget. From here on out I buy NOTHING but gas and smokes.


9 thoughts on “Hi, My name is Lizz….

  1. segmation says:

    Do you have a favorite game?

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