I Brought Out My Tarot Cards

Reading for: Myself

About: Love

Spread: Horseshoe

Significator: Ace of Swords (Reversed): Premature use of force. Excessive force resulting in chaos and violence. All passion spent. Quick temper. Goals at any price.

1: Past Conditions- Ace of Wands: Inspiration. Rising to a challenge. Self reliance. Confidence. Reason reigning over impulse. Powered by desire. Revelations and transcendent thoughts.

2: Present situation- 18 The Moon: Disorientation. Powerful emotions and imagination. Empathy. Intense, valuable dreams. Need to control emotions. Mood swings.

3: Future Outlook- 9 The Hermit: Silence, retreat, withdrawing from the outside world. Calm, soul searching. Wisdom and understanding of larger patters in life. Depression, fear, fatigue.

4: Best Approach- 14 Temperance: Tempering. Adaptation. Moderation. Managing a volatile situation in a calm, thoughtful way. Clear boundaries. Guardian Angel.

5: Attributes of Others- 3 The Empress (Reversed): Doubts and hardship. Turmoil, lack of support or guidance. Instability, overly protective. Infertility or unplanned pregnancy(???).

6: Challenges to be Faced- Nine of Wands (Reversed): Calamity. Failed defenses. Time of adversity. Failure to foresee consequences. Unheeded warnings. Being caught off guard.

7: Final Outcome- 3 The Priestess (Reversed): Withholding knowledge or sources. A manipulator or fraud. Superficial show of knowledge. One playing the role of haughty queen. Ignorance. Egoism. Waste of talent. Hollow existence. Jealousy.


Not sure what to think of this.

Then I asked about my “Prince Charming” and drew four cards.

Queen of cups (Reversed): A showoff. An overly confident actress. A drama queen. A spoiled woman who whines and enjoys the sound of her own voice.

Ten of Cups:

Queen of Pentacles (Reversed):

Two of Wands (Reversed):

I don’t feel like typing the meanings at the moment. They disturbed me greatly.



2 thoughts on “I Brought Out My Tarot Cards

  1. 'los says:

    I. Always viewed the Horseshoe spread as such:
    1 The past.
    2 The present.
    3 Hidden influences.
    4 . What should the querent do?
    5 Attitudes of others.
    6 Obstacles.
    7 Outcome.

    At least it makes 3 make more sense with those interpretations of the cards. No?

    Different ttarot books hold different meanings for each card depending on the question asked.

    Reversed ace of swords: the reversed Ace can mean that you may fall hard for someone who might be wildly inappropriate for you. There’s nothing wrong with “taking a walk on the wild side,” and there is truth that opposites attract. However, if someone tells you that they are “not looking for a committment,” or that “they are not good at relationships,” your rational response is to believe them. Again, be cautious.

    Ace of wands: If you are single, this can indicate the beginning of a new love relationship heading your way. Make yourself available for love in whatever way makes sense to you. If you are already committed, the ace tells you that the relationship is about to undergo a ‘new beginning,’ and you will rise to new levels of understanding each other. Express yourself.

    Moon: This card points to a highly emotional time in love relationships. Things can quickly become heated and/or uncomfortable. Take a break if you need to. Don’t make assumptions, and fight fairly, if you’re going to fight. Pick your battles and be sure to treat your lover like a friend. Don’t be in a hurry to end or to begin a relationship. This is probably not the best time for either course of action.

    The hermit: It’s possible that a romance from your past will be re-kindled. Is that really what you want? It seems that romantic relationships are not currently a priority for you right now. If your head says that you want nothing more than a romantic relationship; look at your behavior. Does it align with that analysis? In a committed relationship, you might have been moving in different directions for a while now. Make sure to make the time and effort to stay connected in order to keep the spark alive.

    Temperance: Although in general all your relationships are likely to be going quite well, you may need to look at your deeper personal issues and see if or how these are standing in your way. And if they are, how to work through them and integrate them. The idea now is to do what it takes to find balance, in yourself, in your relationships, and with your goals and aspirations.

    The Empress reversed: When the Empress appears in a love-related reading, you could suddenly find yourself being pursued by several prospective lovers. If you are in a committed relationship, this card reminds you even when reversed to pay particular attention to your intuition about the relationship. Again, the message of the Empress is to trust your instincts and your intuition, and follow your heart. If you do not you will one day regret it.

    9 of Wands reversed: You may be 100% convinced that you are right and your partner is wrong about something when the reversed 9 of Wands appears in the context of love. That may indeed be the case, but you are not going to force your partner to see your point of view through anger and coercion. Try a gentle approach, and find out what underlies your partner’s point of view or actions. If you are looking for love, again, a gentle, thoughtful approach can work wonders. Hot and fast pursuit is likely to get you burned now.

    The Priestess Reversed: Even with this card in reversal, there is a strong likelihood that others are finding you much more attractive than usual. Don’t ignore this, if you are looking for love! On the other hand, with the High Priestess in reversal, you may be finding it difficult to understand where others are coming from with regard to love and romance. If you’re not sure, ask. Don’t jump to conclusions.

    It’s almost consistent..

  2. 'los says:

    I just wonder if you consulted the cards before ending our relationship..

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