Periods. Ugh.

I always meet a nice guy… Then BAM! My period comes along and I start acting like a maniac and scare them off. Or I start over-thinking everything, think I’m acting like a maniac, then scare them off. Either way, my period sucks.
Why do I have to be so… Clingy? I meet someone I really like and I… Cling… Like none other. And that scares them off too. I’m a wreck. I don’t know how to act appropriately to make a good relationship. I never even last long enough to get to a point where we can even call it a relationship.


3 thoughts on “Periods. Ugh.

  1. Not Dead Yet says:

    It’s alright, you always act like a maniac. there is nothing wrong with you.

  2. E says:

    Ah, mother nature. What a bitch sometimes, right?

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