So I finally got a tattoo that I’ve wanted for a while. It is part of a Harry Potter quote. It says, “Turn on the light ~A.D.” In my handwriting with a design going around my wrist. It’s beautiful. I love it. It doesn’t even feel new though. I feel like I’ve had it forever. I think that means it’s a good thing. It means that it was something I was meant to have. 🙂

I’m so happy with it!!!! ❤ AND! It’s purple. 😀

Anywho, my parents’ response to it was interesting. My mom, “You realize you’re going to have this for the rest of your life?” “Yes, Mom.”

Dad, “So this is what you’re spending your money on?” “Just this once, Dad.”

Sigh. It’s always the same thing with both of them. With dad, it’s about the money. With mom, never do anything permanent to your body blah blah blah. Whatever. 

I like it so they can suck it. Lol.








One thought on “Tattoo

  1. fire2eyes9 says:

    I was there for that conversation!!!! 😀

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