What The Hell Am I Doing??

So… I know this will upset one of my readers, however, I need to write about it… I met this guy at work… He comes in to do our surveys. He started hitting on me and gave me his phone number and everything. But the thing is, he’s 29 and a felon. And I have a boyfriend. I may or may not have hung out with him a few times over the weekend. 

I feel terrible about it though because of Eric. But Eric can’t hang out outside of school and I get lonely. That’s not an excuse though. I shouldn’t be flirting with other guys. :/

I don’t know what to do. I want to tell the guy that nothing is going to happen between us but it’s hard. He’s really sweet. And I haven’t told him that I have a boyfriend either…

I’m sorry Eric. I feel so bad. I love you. Please don’t be mad at me. I’ll figure this shit out. 

I just really needed to blog about it. I needed to get it out in the open. And I needed to Eric somehow but I’m not very good with direct confrontation. I’m bad at talking face to face about things like this. 

I even tried to tell the guy that we could only be friends but he didn’t seem to understand. He still wants to get to know me and be with me but I just can’t. He’s too old. He’s a felon. He has kids. He JUST got out of prison… Fuck. He’s Phil. Just without the drugs. He doesn’t smoke. Doesn’t do drugs or anything. But still, he’s a felon. And I have a boyfriend. 



3 thoughts on “What The Hell Am I Doing??

  1. E says:

    I don’t hold it against you. ‘M sorry I can’t hang out more often.

  2. Not Dead Yet says:

    you really need to get it all out in the open before things get really complicated for you. the quicker you do that, the less of a chance there is for harm.

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