Changing for the better : The impact of our beginnings.

Dr Nicholas Jenner

Think about the following situations and the resulting behavior :

A text message from your partner’s former lover sends you into a spiral of rage, insecurity and self-doubt. They reassure you but you are convinced they are cheating.

You want to change your job but fail to apply for a new one because you are convinced that you are not good enough to get it.

You allow people to walk all over you because you are not assertive and like to avoid conflict, resulting in regret and self loathing.

These situations are typical of the way many people live their lives. For them, this is normal. They feel that this is their lot..they don’t deserve anything better. When we look for the reasons for this, the past and especially upbringing is the first place to look. While the old cliché goes that therapists always blame the parents, their influence or lack of…

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