Public Speaking first speech

This is for my Public Speaking class.

The article I based this off of is at this link:


Nearly one score ago, on the day I was born, the second annual convention of the National Gay and Lesbian Journalist Association took place in New York. When some journalists began coming out of the closet, admitting to their sexuality, it changed the way news was reported on the topic of the GLBT community. GLBT meaning: gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender. This is happening in a time where more people are feeling comfortable with their sexuality and feel able to come out about it.

However, this did create conflict in the newsrooms. Some journalists felt it was unfair to allow homosexuals to write on the topic of homosexuality, due to bias. Of course, if gays can’t write about gays, then heteros shouldn’t be allowed to write about heteros.

I am proud to have been born on a day of such significance in the GLBT community. The convention sparked the debate about diversity in the newsroom. The news is supposed to be as unbiased as possible, and this was one step closer to reaching that goal. Before, homosexuality was seen as deviant behavior and was reported on in a bias fashion. The homosexuals of journalism could not let that go. They finally made a stand and came out to their coworkers, and started a media revolution. No longer could the opinions be solely from white, heterosexual males. There needed to be diversity in the newsroom to prevent bias.

Since the day I was born, there has been much stride in the GLBT community. Gays are becoming more widely accepted, as we can see from the growing number of states allowing gay marriage.

If anyone has any comments or corrections or just wants to help tweak it, please let me know!!! I could use all the help I can get!!


2 thoughts on “Public Speaking first speech

  1. E says:

    Really well written!

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