So I’ve been thinking… I never saw my parents fight when I was younger. That’s why it was such a surprise when they got a divorce.

But I feel like parents do fight. All of them. Most kids just don’t see it because the parents hide it from them and don’t want the kids to know they are fighting. I always thought my parents were perfect. Never fought, never did anything wrong. Just recently it dawned on me: Every couple has their problems. Every couple fights and goes through shit, but when you become parents, you feel the need to hide it from your kids. Let them think you’re perfect. 

But then, how does that affect your kids’ sense of reality? I feel like it makes kids think that in a good relationship there are never fights. IT’s never a struggle. So what happens when those kids grow up and get into relationships? They fight with their significant other and think that it’s wrong. That they shouldn’t be fighting.

But what makes a good relationship is to be able to make up after a fight. To be able to get through it. No one is perfect. Everyone has problems and everyone fights. You just have to learn to pick your battles and choose who you are willing to make up with and if it is worth it or not.

Even friends fight. I’ve fought with Sarah. We always made up. She is one of my soulmates. Yes, I believe in multiple soulmates. I believe there are different levels. The friend soulmate and the lover soulmate. There are probably more but I’m not sure. Anywho, I’ve also fought with Shelby, but I learned that the fights with her are not worth the times we don’t fight. So I gave up. I don’t want her in my life anymore. 

Fighting is a natural part of life. Animals fight, humans fight. It’s unavoidable. But again, we need to learn to choose our battles. That goes for the human race as a whole as well. 


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