One of THEM

Soooo….. I have officially become one of… THEM. You know THEM, those nerdy kids who sit around playing Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. I thought when I first started playing Magic, that I would not take any further step into the realm of nerds. I would stand firmly in the doorway and simply look on at the rest of them, geeking out in their nerdy costumes, all wrapped up in some silly game.

Well, I created my character for D&D today. Yup. I did it. I entered their realm. I am now one of THEM. I might even give a go at WoW… I am seriously considering it. Sad huh?

The worst part, I think I’m going to actually enjoy it.

You know, I’ve always considered myself a nerd. But not one of those nerds. Welp. Now I am one of those nerds. I have officially earned my way into the league of nerds. But, I will wear my badge proudly. They are my people. I feel like I belong.

I miss LARPing with my neighbors so much and I think that this will be a nice way of replacing those games.

I wonder what my older brother would think if I ever tell him I’m playing D&D. He’d probably be proud. But he wouldn’t show it. He never does. He always acts like he doesn’t care about me. But I’m sure somewhere deep down in that dark, black soul of his, he does care. And he might even respect me a little more after this.  


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