You disgust me.

What the hell is wrong with the people around me??

Everyone is in abusive, controlling relationships and no one is willing to realize it! I see red flags all over the place and everyone else is ignoring them. 

Oh, so you’re going to throw away a 6 year friendship for a relationship that has lasted 10 months so far? That’s smart. I know you better than almost anyone. Even her! And you’re just going to throw that away. Everything we had? It means nothing to you? Thanks. I see what my worth is in your eyes. I’m trash. That’s what you’re telling me. I’m nothing but shit that you stepped in and need to wipe off your new, controlling shoes.

I want to see you in person so I can spit in your face and make you realize how pissed I really am. 

That bitch has red flags popping up all over her and you can’t see it. Go ahead, pick this bitch, who has been making you so miserable, over a friend who has helped you through more hard times than you can count on 2 hands!

I’m disgusted. Absolutely disgusted. 


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