Was it wrong of me?…

Am I in the wrong here?

Shelby started talking to this guy online and she kind of liked him but they had nothing in common. So finally she meets him and brings me along. Or I guess, as she says, I coaxed her into meeting him with me. Anywho, him and I hit it off and end up having a lot in common. She doesn’t like that. She tells me I have to stay away from him. 

Well if she knew me even a little she would know how hard that is for me. I did even have a mental battle about whether or not I should keep talking to him. But in the end I do. She found out about it because she kept asking me and I finally gave in and told her that we’ve been talking and… well… slept together. She got pissed off and yelled at me then him and now he doesn’t know if he even wants to keep talking to me because of the drama. Great.

Am I in the wrong for doing this? We have so much in common and had so much fun together. I probably shouldn’t have slept with him so soon but anyone who knows me well would know that I have a hard time with self control. 

Besides, this is the first guy that I’ve really wanted to stick it out with. He’s funny, cute, likes a lot of the same things as me, and we just really get along. I don’t know what to say… I don’t feel like I did anything wrong but maybe I did?


3 thoughts on “Was it wrong of me?…

  1. markus says:

    Wow ok. Yes, you were totally in the wrong. Not only was your friend taking you along to meet him because she trusts you to be there for her, but because she met him and she liked him. The fact that she, YOUR FRIEND, specifically asked you to stop talking and you didn’t, plus got with him was totally uncalled for. That’s more than a friendship ruining move Lizz. I couldn’t believe you did that, or even not see its a terrible choice and have to ask us if it was bad.

    • itg3tsb3tter says:

      You can’t believe I did that? Really? Is this the first post of mine that you’ve ever read or have you just not seen the fact that I do stupid shit. I do stupid shit all the time. I am in the wrong 99% of the time. It’s the fucking story of my life. The fact is I am a stupid fucking moron. I do stupid fucking shit a lot. I can see how I’m in the wrong but at the same time I really don’t think I am. Besides, if Shelby is willing to throw away our friendship because of a guy, that says a lot about her. :/
      Besides, I’m getting sick of all her shit. Everything she has put me through, all the drama, how fucking stupid she can be. I’m so close to just being done with it. If this is how our friendship ends then fine, good riddance.

      • markus says:

        Ok 90% of your reply is you just putting yourself down, which isn’t helping anyone cause its not true. And she isn’t throwing away anything, YOU did when you decided sleeping with her guy interest was more important than being there as her friend. She wanted you there as support and help, how did you help her? By stabbing her in the back and screwing the guy she thought she could be happy with. Don’t try and throw the blame on Shelby. I’m sorry Elizabeth

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