Forbidden Love

So, Shelby met this guy online and they’ve been talking for a few months now. Well she decided that she wanted to meet him and had me tag along. However, seeing as I always seem to snag the guys she finds, she had me wear a big, baggy T-shirt to cover my boobs. Yeah… That didn’t work as well as she thought it would. You can’t cover my personality with a baggy T-shirt. So this guy comes to meet us and we find out that him and I have A LOT in common. But Shelby has forbidden me from doing anything with him because she really likes him. But it’s really not my fault that him and I have more in common then him and Shelby. We just… Clicked. 

Anywho, we ended up meeting up again after we left Shelby’s and hung out and had fun. It was great. 🙂

Now he’s asking me what this is between us. I said I don’t know. But I hope it’s something that will turn into a relationship. Yes. I said it. The “r” word. I want it. I have waited long enough for a good guy and I will not let this one slip away. 

He’s super cute and soo funny. We have the same sense of humor and just really hit it off. I’m sorry Shelby, but I really like this guy, and he likes me. Don’t be childish about it. Maybe, if you don’t want me to steal these guys, you shouldn’t introduce me to them :P.


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