Final Hoorah

So, Monique and I decided to have a little drinking night tonight. We took all the precautions we could to make sure my dad didn’t find out. We just missed one, little thing. The Keystone Ice box on the counter. 

Needless to say, my dad is not happy.

“This is not a party house!”

“Don’t make this a habit!”

“You’re supposed to be looking for a job and focusing on getting ready for school!”

Yeah. Not happy. Mo is blaming herself for it, but I know it’s not all her fault. I took part in it. But just like I take the blame for her smoking, she is taking the blame here. I’m so thankful for that, however, with recent events, I know my dad has reason to worry. I also know, however, that this won’t become a habit. Every kid has their party phase. Some sooner than others. For me, mine has come after my friends’. But he doesn’t know that.

I told him, that just like weed, this will not be a habit for me. I stopped smoking just like I won’t be drinking all the time. Sure I’ll have one here and there but it won’t be a party every freaking time.

Ugh. I need to move out. I’m dying to move out. I don’t want to live here anymore!


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