Ummm? Lol

Drinking with one of my best friends 😀

So much fun. 

Told that guy that I like him. But he only sees me as a sister 😦 Oh well. Maybe one day…. Who knows. Lol. 

Not really sure what to write right now. 

Alex is being nice. We’re friends. Not dating. I’m ok with that. Like I promised myself before, I won’t date anyone until I’m 20. (Like that has worked >.>)

I think I might try to stay single til I’m 21 actually. Stay focused on myself for the next year… I’ll try. It’ll be hard. But I will try. Idk if I can do it… Help me keep my head on straight!!!

Yes, I am tipsy. That’s why this post is choppy and random. Lol, What to write about? i missed my therapy appointment today 😦 But my therapist is so awesome she isn’t charging me for missing it 😀






That’s it 




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