One last chance

Should I have Shelby one last chance? After all the Shit she put me through I’m really not sure. She pushed me aside for an asshole she barely knew. She didn’t listen to me when I told her she was in a similar situation to mine when I was with Phil. But she never listened and even stopped talking to me. Well now he’s gone and she wants to mend our relationship. Should I work it out with her or give up? My mom and another friend both tell me she’s no good and I shouldn’t talk to her. But we’ve been through hell and back together. Sure we didn’t talk in high school but everything that happened after has brought us closer. Until this. She let that asshole tear us apart and I am not ready to forgive her for that. Am I wrong to think that way?
I’m very conflicted over this whole situation right now. She has been very mean to me, even before this happened. Although, when I think about it, so was Sarah when we were younger… I suppose I jay attract mean people. I have never had a good, healthy relationship with anyone. Now that I think about it, not even with my parents.
I’m very frustrated right now… Ugh.
Does anyone who has read my other posts involving her have any advice?


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