Using the boyfriend’s laptop lol

So my therapist is on board with my relationship. Major good sign!! Although I suppose it’s because of how I perceive the reltionship is how she does as well. If that doesn’t make sense to you… Well whatever, it makes sense to me.

So my boyfriend is crippled now. Poor boy. He’s in a full leg brace due to many many knee injuries. He’s not in a good mood which is putting more strain on everything. But it’s ok. I’m willing to push through it and make things work with him.

I always try to tell myself that I have a wall built around my heart but this guy, if I ever did have that wall, has broken it down quite fast. I have fallen for him, as shown in my “I fucking love him” post.

And things go sour again. In the middle of this post he starts talking to me all serious. Apparently we are not in a relationship. We are just fuck buddies. That hurts. I still feel like I’m not good enough. And now I have to wait another week to run this by my therapist.

When things seem all fine and dandy they just go back to shit. Story of my life.

More later when I have time to think on what was just said.


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