No job. No money. My boyfriend can’t get to class or work today. I feel responsible for the problem. I’m stressed… Maybe I’ll feel a little better if I take my meds. I don’t want to get into a depression again. I hate it. But when I’m not on my meds and shiiiiiiit like this happens, I can feel it creeping up. 

Got my meds in me but I still feel like crying from stress. It’s not his fault. I get stressed easily. And it doesn’t help that I have like ten new zits on my face. Probably also from stress. 

Last night I was talking to my friend and her mom and they said that they haven’t seen me this happy in a long time. Which is true. It’s just this whole getting my boyfriend to work and school is difficult when I have no job and he has no money at the moment. UGGGGHHHHH. 

Deep breaths. I just need to take a few deep breaths and calm down. But he keeps talking about how he needs to get to school. Not helping, but I understand the situation.

Not much else to write. 



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