Something to know about me.

Something you will learn about me: I go through guy after guy faster than you can even blink. If I find something about them that I don’t like, they’re gone. I’m not going to put up with any shit. And lately I have found nothing but. I’m getting sick of all the ass holes in the world. I know I’m young but I’m starting to think that there’s no one out there that will match my standards. I feel like my mom…. All her friends always said that if she could get married, anyone can. Because she was always sooooo picky about her men. 

But then I go back to some of these guys… Is that really what I want to do? Do they deserve second chances? I mean, some of the red flags are so minute and almost unimportant. “Almost” being the key-word there. Maybe if I learn to express myself and how I’m feeling more I’ll find someone who will listen and take it to heart. Idk…


2 thoughts on “Something to know about me.

  1. twrightlove says:

    There is no harm standing up for yourself and knowing what you want. I understand the feeling all too well. But, I’m not doing you any favors if I let the red flags sit there and I accept it. Then, I’m crying like a little baby because I chose to ignore them. Protect yourself. BUT noone is perfect, you just have to know when to ignore certain things and talk about your feelings,,don’t be too critical…be friends first that way you can be you. Young and wise to pay attention to the signs. You go my friend 🙂

  2. markus says:

    Well the guys you go back to, they must have had a big enough impact on you to get you back. The question you have to ask is, the part of you that wants them back, is it bigger than the part of you that’s wants them away. Your heart will know which guy is right for you to stay.

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