I can’t sleep. I think I’m too excited for the pride parade tomorrow. 😀

Also, I was bad. I went out and bought another pack of cigarettes. Ugh, I really need to quit. And what’s worse is my boyfriend…. can I call him that yet? Whatever. He won’t kiss me if I smoke. I need to quit but it’s just so damn hard!!!

I’m tired. I should just try to fall asleep but I don’t really want to. I don’t know why… I didn’t sleep all day today like I’ve been doing. I got up at 11 and have been doing stuff ever since… My cat won’t stop meowing at me. “Pet me!!!” She says. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. 


Why do people follow this blog? It’s just a bunch of my thoughts rambling out of my brain into cyberspace. It’s not very exciting. Well, at least, this post isn’t. Haha. 

Sleep calls to me. She beckons me like a siren. Shall I give into her lovely call? I might. Eventually.

So…. sleepy. So… bored. So.. Blahhhhh. Achooo! I can’t stop sneezing. Stupid cat. I love her but I’m allergic to her. 

Ok ok. I’ll get off my computer and go to sleep I suppose. 

Goodnight, friends.


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