English Class Story

So the prompt was to write a story with a twist at the end. Here goes:

“Are you sure this is safe?” Kendra asks shyly.

“Of course it is, me and the guys do it all the time,” replies Brad.

The large football player leads the small, book-smart girl into the dark, long-abandoned temp behind the school.

“Can’t we just make out in the hallways like every other high school couple?” Kendra whines.

“I told you, it would ruin my rep if the guys found out that we’re together,” the jock replies swiftly.

Kendra rolls her eyes. It’s bad enough that she’s gone against her beliefs to date a jock, but that they have to sneak around and hide is just plain wrong.

They step through the door and the moist, stale air hits them. The desks are all shoved to the wall with the stacks of chairs amongst them.

“What do you guys do in here,” Kendra questions.

“Just mess around. You know, pick fights,” he replies as he pulls Kendra close to him. He leans in for a kiss when she suddenly pulls away.

“I don’t know. This doesn’t seem safe. There’s just something about this place,” she comments. “I mean look at the ceiling. It looks as if it could cave in at any moment.”

Brad glances at the sagging ceiling. The water stain shows where the roof leaks on rainy days.

“It’ll be fine,” says Brad. “It’s been like that for the past 2 years. Now come here.”

He reaches out toward his girlfriend and clasps her wrist. Being stronger than her, he is able to pull her to him with ease, however much she tries to resist. As he wraps his arms around her, she feel s a sense of safety swarm through her. As long as they’re together, nothing could go wrong.

His hands move down to rest on the small of her back. He kisses her forehead then moves down and gently kisses her lips.

“Nothing’s going to happen,” Brad whispers to her. “Everything is okay.”

The warmth of his breath on her neck sends chills down her spine. She smiles shyly and holds him close to her, resting her head against his chest.

Suddenly, an over head beam holding up the ceiling creaks, followed by a loud groaning noise. Kendra glances up in time to see a small, very small, patch of sunlight. Then, everything goes black.

Then… Nothing.

It wasn’t until after the final bell of the day rand that the bodies of the young lovers were found, mangled in the debris.

The End.

It needs some editing, I know. I did a little as I typed it, but it’s mostly the same as it was when I first wrote it.

So the guy that this was loosely based off of was in that class. He started telling everyone that I wrote a story about him, at the time I was embarrassed, but I look back on it now and realize that all the stories I ever wrote were based off people in my life, mostly guys. I wish I had more of those stories but one of them, which was actually about a dream I had, got burned by the guy it was about when it fell out of my pocket and he happened to find it. The rest, well, I’m not sure where they are.

But this was one of my favorites. As my teacher read it to the class (because I refused to do it myself), She asked me, “Does this get bad?” I laughed and told her no. Then a little later, about the time Kendra gets chills down her spine, a kid fell out of his chair. He was leaning back in it and got so distracted by my story that he lost his balance and fell back. I’m very proud of it, honestly. And I’m so happy my dad kept it all these years. For a while I thought it was gone for good. It does need editing but that’s ok, I was younger, still learning to write decent stories.


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