Still gaining followers. Still not sure why. 

We start moving to the new place today. 🙂 I’ve already been sleeping on the floor there because I wanted my baby to be with me. My baby is a cat, by the way. Not an actual baby, thank God. 

Anywho, my dad is having the carpets cleaned over there right now. So I am sitting here, in the apartment, pretending to pack. I think I broke a drawer on my dresser. I don’t think it was meant to come out…. Oh well. It still functions. I can’t wait until we’re fully moved in. It’ll be Sunday that we have everything in there I think. I hope. At least I’ll have my bed by Saturday night. That’s good enough. 

So the window in my room leads out to a little section of roof that is perfect for sitting on. I can’t wait to sit under the stars with my laptop and just write and smoke and occasionally drink 😀 The only problem is that the windows to my dad’s room are also right there. But as long as the blinds are closed or he’s not home it’ll be fine. 

I got back into reading, as I mentioned in another post. It makes me so happy. I just finished a really good book and now I’m starting the sequel. I’m so excited. I love books. I forgot for a while how much I love them. I’m so happy I’ve started reading again. It helps that I haven’t been able to go on Netflix at the new place due to the lack of WiFi. But I’m hoping that even when I can get online again there, I won’t. I want to keep reading. I need to keep reading. My reading time over the summer with transfer into study time when school starts. I just need to get on a regular schedule. I have one drawn up but I haven’t been following it lately. 

There’s not much else to talk about today….. I’m excited for school. I want to meet new people and maybe a boy. Yes, a boy. Not a girl. I want a guy, someone who can make me feel safe when I’m in his arms. There’s just something guys have that girls seem to lack. I’m not sure what it is. And no, it’s not a penis 😛

I ran out of gas last night. I made it almost to the townhouse, but not quite. So this really cute guy pulled up and helped me out. He gave me a gallon of gas. But when we got back to my car from the gas station, there was a security guy there. He said he had reported my car to the police, but then proceeded to cancel the report when I told him we had just gone to get gas. They both helped me fill up my car and sent me on my way. Did I mention I was in my pajamas and hoodie the entire time? Yeah, that was quite the adventure. >.>

I have a story to type up for you guys. But I’ll do it in another post. It’s really good though. I wrote it for my high school sophomore English class. It made a kid fall out of his chair. And it’s loosely based off my own life. I’ll go grab it and type it up now….



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