I am now up to 5 followers! WOOT! I’m not sure how I did it or why you all are following me, but again, thank you 🙂

As I sit here smoking a cigarrete, I think about how I need to quit. That was my new years resalution this year… Well the year is half over and I’m still smoking like a train. Ugh. I really need to start cutting back again. Allowing myself to only smoke a certain amount every day and then slowly cut down. How about…. Only 3 more today. That would make 5. One this morning, one now, one on my way to work, possibly one on my break and then one on my way home from work. I was down to one a day for a while there. But then drama started with my friend and I started stress smoking.

I need to get back into my story writing again. I used to be really good at it. But there are no stories to write. Nothing to write about any more. I’ve lost my motivation for it. 

Here we are agsin. Back to my motivation. I have none. But then, what is motivating me to write on here? I’m not exactly sure. Something inside me wants to write. I want to write so bad. Maybe I should visit my old English teacher and ask her for a prompt. Something to write about. That would be fun.

That’s all for now. Thank you followers for taking an interest in my dull life. TTFN.

I am now up to 5 followers! WOOT!


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