So… I’ve been off weed for a long time now. But last night I had some with my best friend. I had a very conflicting reaction. At some point I thought of it as something that’s not so bad for you. But then I began seeing it as something that is. 

The thought kept coming up that those who don’t learn from the past are bound to repeat it. So in this situation I wonder who it is that is not learning from the past… Is it the smokers? Or is it the people regulating the marijuana? I’m just not sure anymore. 

I feel like I need to do more research on it. Maybe look at some studies. I don’t know. I just don’t know what to think of it anymore. In the beginning it was great. But then it was bad, and now…. I don’t even know…

What do I do? should I stop smoking? Is it really going to help me? What is the TRUTH about marijuana? My curiosity won’t let this go. I have to know….

So… I’ve been off weed for a long


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